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The Best Review Platforms Your Business Needs To Use In 2023

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Customer reviews are a critical component of marketing and advertising strategy. They provide potential customers with the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision, and can be used for brand awareness, building trust with customers, and as a tool for generating revenue. If you're looking to gather reviews for your business, you can get them through your website, or you can use the best review platforms that are specifically designed for this purpose.

What is a review platform?

Review platforms are places where your customers can leave feedback about your products or services. These websites, apps, and social media enable you to create an online profile that will showcase your customer reviews - allowing you to get more traffic, increase sales, and grow your business. The further the word spreads about how good your business is, the more people you'll attract to it.

Different types of review platforms

There are many review platforms out there, but not all are created equally. Each differs in its strengths and weaknesses and are used for many different purposes. The customer review platform you use will depend on your business and what you want to get out of it.

With the various review platforms on the market, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for you. If you are not sure which platform to gather customer reviews is suitable for your business, here's a list of the best review platforms you can use in 2021:

Best Review Platforms

Facebook Ratings and Reviews

Best Review Platform - Facebook

Facebook is a great place to start if you're looking for a top-ranking customer review platform. It is currently the largest social media platform globally, with over 2.4 billion people, and is also in the top 10 websites for global internet engagement.

Facebook Ratings and Reviews offers an easy way for users to leave feedback about the products or services they have used, as well as the business they have purchased them from. This customer review platform is beneficial because it allows users to leave reviews and ratings without having to go through the company's website, and the customer reviews you gather from it will give you a huge advantage as they are one of the first to be seen on the internet.

Google My Business

Best Review Platform - Google My Business

It is no surprise that Google My Business made it to the list. In our view, it is the best tool for businesses to manage their online presence. In fact, it is the most popular platform people use to read customer reviews (Bizrate Insights).

Google My Business is a free service app with many features that make it very user-friendly for small businesses. The basic version of the app includes tools for creating and managing a Google+ page, uploading photos to the profile's photo gallery, scheduling posts in advance or publishing them on the spot when you're at your business location. With a verified Google My Business account, people can easily see your name, website, contact information, business hours, location and customer reviews in Google's search listing. 


Best Review Platform - Amazon

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, and they offer one of the best review platforms. Users can leave feedback on all types of items they purchased by other customers, which makes for a large pool of information. It's a great place to find customer reviews on food, clothing, electronics, home decorating items, etc.

It's cost-effective for small businesses to participate in, with no setup fee and low monthly charges. Amazon also offers a variety of advertising opportunities for small businesses to promote themselves and increase customer awareness. If your business offers products, it is very likely that Amazon will be your number one review platform.


Best Review Platform - Yelp

Yelp is a popular review platform that allows users to rate and give feedback to local businesses. It is considered one of the best review platforms globally, with over 500 million customer reviews written by real people on businesses of all sizes. It is gathering praise for providing both travellers and locals with dependable reviews of restaurants, bars, hotels, spas, and more.

Yelp allows users to rate all businesses with a one-to-five star rating, add comments about their experience, and post pictures of it. This customer review platform also has an unbiased review filter feature that ensures that any customer reviews you see on Yelp will be credible because it eliminates the bias of an individual reviewer.


Best Review Platform - TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a website that provides travellers with helpful advice on what to do and see in destinations around the world. With over 659 million visitors each month, it is a great option for businesses of all sizes and types, from hotels to restaurants to attractions to gather customer reviews.

This customer review platform helps you get in touch with your customers and learn more about their experiences, what they liked and didn't like - which you can then use to improve your business operations or services in order to make them better for future customers. TripAdvisor also has a forum for discussion by people who have actually been to your location.


Best Review Platform - TrustPilot

TrustPilot is a review platform that helps consumers make informed decisions about different businesses. It has over 3.5 million reviews and over 13,000 businesses listed on the website. It is designed to allow customers to rate their experience with a company on a scale of 0-10, and also leave a written review. Reviews are collected from all around the world. Though they're primarily in English, TrustPilot also allows for reviews to be translated into other languages if needed.

Customer Reviews for Businesses

In 2021, customer review platforms will be one of the most powerful tools to have in your marketing arsenal as it is a great way for your business to generate more leads and close sales.

The moment your customer leaves a review on one of these review platforms, it will be published for everyone to see - giving them the power to make more informed decisions about who they should buy from. This is important for any business because the majority of customers won't buy from a business that they don't know anything about.

As people are likely to buy from businesses that they trust, the best way for them to trust you is through gathering as many positive customer reviews as possible from these review platforms.

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